Hello I am ex employee of Pure med Spa futuring Brite Smile and this is current info that I found re: Jeff Nourse (561) 706-3226 jjnourse@gmail.com or Louise Talbott at Renew Beauty Med Spa (214) 369-1600 louisersd@gmail.com

These are their current cell phone # that will help lots of people.

I was their empoyee for 3 years and was not paid for 3 months and these people are still in business making money. Other phone numbers that we can use are their Corporate Office-Boca Raton at 7777 GLades Road Suite 100k8

(561) 245-4615

Pissed ex employee

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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LOL! Is she really still using that email addy?

She changes them often due to being so shady, but here is another to try: louisetalbot1@yahoo.com

It's even older than the gmail address, but hey, whatever helps.

Louise is probably the most evil person I've ever met. When she speaks to you, she is completely believeable.

She promises her employees (and customers) the world...and we believed it! I am ashamed to say I ever worked for her.


Can somebody anybody help me, I had a gift card for Pure Med Spa and a remaining balance of over $500.00. What do I do, help please????

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